About Us


DASCO is a leading Engineering company works as                 IPA Bauschemiche Produkte GmbH  and  Dynacrete.NET Sole Agancy in Iran from 2005 .

You Can Count Upon Our Help

Anybody looking for high-quality work when Waterproofing , Water and Waste water treatment ,  Insulating Paint, and Protective coatings in concrete structures and new buildings or repairing old ones will have to adjust three factors carefully to each other:

  1. Thorough analysis
  2. Selecting suitable DASCO protection and rehabilitation systems, incl. products and Technics .
  3. Having them applied by experts.

For this three sectors quoted, DASCO products and experienced personnel will be available:

  1. DASCO’s laboratory
  2. DASCO field Service
  3. DASCO engineering consultants and its trai­ning efforts concentrating upon practical applications.


The speed with our consulting and servi­cing functions will be placed at your dispo­sal and the fact that there are no separate consulting charges will be particularly attractive.

DASCO’s Laboratory Will Help You In Diagnosing Damage

When working out appropriate rehabilitation plans, you can rely on our expertise, on the test certificates of recognized institutions and on sample specifications so that you will be in a position to submit optimum solutions even for the most difficult rehabili­tation problems.

Our Field Engineers Will Counsel You As To The Correct Choice AmongDASCO’s Products.

The fact that our customers have been relying for 15 years on first-class DASCO pro­ducts is demonstrated by numerous expert opinions and test certificates available for practically all IPA products. Our field engineers will provide consulting services related to individual structures and will help you with drawing up quotations.

During On-Site Training, Our Field Service Will Be Present

Our field engineers are highly experienced and will train your employees on-site in how to Prepare and apply DASCO products. DASCO training seminars arranged periodically pursue the same target. During these semi­nars, the employees of rehabilitation spe­cialists are familiarized with known as well as new applications, technologies and systems under practical conditions.